Lashes because without curtains the windows are bare.

Lashes can be fun. They can be difficult to get right but once you master your preferred method of getting them just right you’re all set. There are so many different types of lashes now. We’ll talk about all of them. We’ll talk lash love, lash woes and everything in between.

Glue on Strips

There’s nothing like batting a good set of long beautiful eyelashes at someone who will ultimately get completely sidelined by your beautiful eyes and perhaps forget to write that speeding ticket. . Ha. Wish in one hand right but you still want those amazing lashes. The original ones and 1st ones I ever tried were the glue on strips. I was going to a holiday party and wanted something a little nicer than the basic everyday mascara I was using. So I went out to the nearest drugstore and grabbed a pair of these lashes and some glue. Well! Needless to say if you’re ever going to try something completely new never wait until an hour before you have to be where ever it is you’re getting ready to go. So I picked these thick long lashes because they said dramatic after all. Who doesn’t want to have dramatic lashes. I fussed with all my makeup and then decided to glue the lashes on. Back then it was a tube of glue and that’s that. No glue pens, no magnetics no self sticking lashes. I made a bit of a glue mess. I cleaned it up with a qtip. never do that either. It sticks to the glue. Lesson learned. I did get the lashes on and even looking nice. They were a bit heavy and I felt like my eyes seemingly had their own individual awnings. Well they kind of did. It was a while before I ventured into lashes again. Some people do quite well with these but I’m sure they had more time to work with them. And I have seen them look good on these people. I say read further because lashes get better as they evolve.

Magnetic Lashes with Magnetic Liner

You read that right magnetic liner. The 1st time I wore these I fell in love. I went away for the weekend to visit family and they all asked about my fabulous lashes. I said “Oh they’re magnetic”. MAGNETIC?? WHAAAT? Yup that’s right magnetic. And then came the demo. It was so easy too. I especially love these when I am doing makeup reviews with looks. I do a look, full face and they really do save my lashes from the trouble of mascara on mascara off. For every look I do I wash it off to do the next. The lashes pop on and off with such ease and you can do some really creative placement with them and sone liquid liner resulting in a nice cat eye. The only thing I’d say as a word of warning is that when you’re actually ready to complete take them off the liner is a little tough to remove. I use makeup remover wipes but we’ll talk more about those in the skin care section.

Magnetic Lashes Double lash sandwich type

Now these are an interesting concept but I honestly have not met anyone who successfully got them on. Myself included. Most people I have talked to and people on my social media channels even all say they had the same issue I had. I’m guessing that maybe your eye has to be just the right shape. If they aren’t the only thing you get is the 2 sections sticking to themselves and not on your eye. 

Individual lash sections. 

Now I actually like these because they’re versatile and you can get very creative with them. You can drop some glue on a little dish and grab the lash with a tweezer dipping it into the glue to apply. You can also get brush on glue and brush alittle on each piece and apply that way. It’s all upto you. 

Professional Lash Extensions

I’m yet to go get this done. I’m not going to lie I’m really curious to see what it’s like. I’d say do your homework 1st and research places and reviews. I’ll update this and when I do finally go for it I’ll post all about my experience and what it was like. I may even do a video of the application if the tech allows such a thing. Some do some don’t. 

Custom lashes. There are so many really amazing and unique custom lashes made out of everything from feathers to micro thin holographic strips. And everything in between. You can really make your individual look stand out.Just remember whatever it is you like it’s all upto you what you do with it. You really can do anything. Especially with makeup.


Lets not forget the mascara now since it’s probably what we all use the most. Mascara is a love hate thing. We love our beautiful lashes we hate the issues that come up with mascara. I remember when I first started using mascara it seemed like a different formula long lost to today. Now it’s all bout the thickest lashes. Of course we still want them long too but the mascaras from just a few years ago were a thinner formula that lasted longer. Now it seems after only 3-4 uses it gets thick and hard to use. personally I think it’s to get us to buy more but then it makes us look for alternatives instead. I have tried so many different mascaras that this section probably deserves it’s own page. Lets start with what I tried most recently. Lily Triple X Mascara. I loved it. I have not loved a mascara in a long time. It went on like the old formulas I spoke of. Nice long lashes and nice thick but not clumpy lashes and this mascara lasted for many uses. The brush that comes with it is good especially if you have those shorter middle lashes that sometimes happen. Those are annoying because it creates a space in the center part of the lash where it should be longer. This happens sometimes when lashes break just as any hair does. Usually from rough handling. If you’re rough when you remove mascara this happens. So Be gentle with your lashes. Another good brand is KVD Vegan Beauty Go Big or Go Home mascara. Another mascara that comes with a nice brush, it allows both length and volume. Some good drug store brands I use often are Loreal Voluminous mascara. This is my got drugstore brand. Another is Maybelline Colossal waterproof mascara. I have tried all different brands but these are my favorites. Everyone is different though. I always buy the blackes of the black mascaras unless going for the fun colors. Loreal Voluminous recently put out some fun colors of mascara, burgundy and also blue which I’m yet to try but will at some point. It’s fun to play with colors. 


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