Blushers, Bronzers & Highlighters


We’ll start with blushes. there are different kinds we can talk about. The traditional powder, creams, cream to powder, stains, sticks and mousse. There are even a liquid gloss type that comes in a lipgloss style tube with the same kind of applicator. Blush is fun because you can do some interesting tricks of the eye with it. You can contour with it or make your face look more perky and awake on those tired days. A good concealer for the dark circles and some lighter pink blush can really bring up the spirits visually. So lets talk about blush types. 


Powder blush is the most basic blush and pretty much the traditional type as I know it to be. It’s easy to apply, usually comes with a small brush though I’d recommend using a blush brush from a good brush set. Powders go on light and give an airy rosy look. The larger the brush the more airy, the smaller the more of a precise line for the contoured look. Some say the apples of the cheeks should be blushed, some say the hallows. Most of the time the hallows will give the face a slimmer look changing the look of your face shape. Blushing the apples will give you the awake, and rosy look. Powders are especially good if you have oily skin. Some brands i like are Sephora Collection Colorful face powders, Sephora Collection Matte perfection, Shiseido Inner Glow Cheek Powder, and Nars Blush. I tend to go for the pinks but they all have some nice color options. 

Liquid Blush

I have only ever tried two liquid blushes. Liquids aren’t my favorite form of blush. If I am going to use it though I like Benefit Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain. Once you put it on it is on. it doesn’t fade much and stays where you put it. It’s very versatile because it can also be used on your lips. It’s not a drying formula and it’s an excellent option for summer due to it’s sheer coloring. Great for travel too since it can be used for lips and cheeks it’s all in one bottle making it easier to carry. Nars also makes a good one. I like theirs because it has a shimmer. I like anything shimmery and sparkly. Another sheer light formula good for summer. It can really perk up your look.


Sticks are alot like big lipsticks. they aren’t as sheer and if you have oily skin best stick to the powders. You have to be careful with sticks because one wrong stroke and your giving Pennywise a run for his money. I find that one stroke from the stick and then blend with fingers is best. Because these are so similar to lipsticks a good way to perfect match is to use a lip brush and put a little of the same on your lips. Do a light coat and it really works. Sticks are also good for cooler weather. 


Mouse is fun. I don’t know why, it just is. Mousse blush is fun and very light. it’s easily blended and sheer. Overall sheer blush is my preferred option. Mousse blush is best on dry skin. It’s very light and won’t dry further. Mousses don’t really adhere to oily skin types so they won’t have the staying power you want. With dry skin on the other hand it’s just the opposite. Blend with your fingers and a little goes far. Maybelline Dream Mousse is a good drug store brand. Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder is very good too. Of course I prefer the Shiseido but the Mybelline is a very good money saver. 

Cream to Powder

Cream to powder is a nice formula. I love it. I like it for foundations, shadows and blushes too. Cream to powder is a nice smooth well pigmented blush. Usually dries to a matte finish. The best way to apply is with an applicator sponge. They usually come with one but it’s usually a small, flat sponge. I’d say use Elf Cosmetics Total Face Sponge. These are good for many things so buying them would be with it and they are not expensive. I’ll talk more about these in the tools of the trade section. I have also been known to use my fingers to put on this formulation of blush as well. Some of the best cream to powder blushes I have enjoyed are the Elf Cream Blush Palette, Milk makeup Glow Oil Lip & Cheek, Milk being a new name to me is getting up there in popularity. My introduction to them was in a Boxy Charm Box. I do enjoy their products so far.


Bronzers are pretty new to me. I never even thought to use them until Boxy Charm sent me a bronzer, then another and another. So with all these bronzers I figured it was time for some color in my face. 

The first one they sent was the Laura Geller Multitasking Eye Lip Cheek Palette. This one is really cool because it’s a cream to powder formula and a really nice feeling one. It’s creamy enough to dab on the lips for some color and powder enough to contour the cheekbones with. It has three shades, Tuscan Coral, Coconut Grove, and Gold Dust. The versatility of this palette comes from the selection of shades. Most of the bronzers I have seen have three shades same as this one but they’re usually shades that are similar. This one had a neutral brown shade, a bright more colorful shade of orange and a light subtle highlighter gold shade. I love versatile multipurpose makeup. I tend to find multiple uses for a lot of my makeup. I find applying these with my fingers works well because they’re creams and for this reason they’re easily blended with the fingers. The second one I received was The Ace Beauté Bronzed in Paradise Palette. There’s a lot to say about nice packaging. They say presentation is everything and this palette has a beautiful presentation. The packaging is beautiful. It’s got a very pretty floral design and it’s a nice compact package. Inside there are 4 pans instead of three with varying shade of bronzing browns. They are matte but they give a very sun kissed look when applied sparingly to the upper cheek bones, hallows or even the apples depending on your face shape and the desired result. You can contour with this palette because it’s matte and has the four shades in it. It doesn’t have a light highlighter shade though so you’ll have to use a separate one if you’re looking to do that sort of thing. These are powders but they’re very soft, creamy powders. A good way to apply these is with a good medium size angled highlighter brush. The Phase Zero Blush & Bronzer Trio is the latest of the bronzers I received from Boxy Charm. Think I’m set for life on bronzers now. This one has 3 shades mixed matte and frosted. The names aren’t listed on the package but they include a matte coral shade, a frosted darker peach brown, and a lighter matte sand shade. These are powders so they can be used anywhere on the face except the lips. Since I’m still learning about using bronzers it’s really nice to have this variety of palettes to play with. learning was never so much fun.


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