Makeup Brushes – tools of the trade. What is this brush for? -Part 2

This week I’ll be talking about some of the smaller makeup brushes. There are so many different brushes I couldn’t possibly cover them all in one article. Probably still won’t get them all but I’ll do my best. Today it will be the eyeliner brush, lash brush, brow brush & comb, round blooming brush and concealer brush

Gel Eyeliner Brush

There are a few different liner brushes depending on what you’re looking to do. Personally I like the super skinny precision gel liner brushes and I go through a decent amount of them. This is because the have such precision and control that they allow for detail when you want to do liner across the lid close to the lashes, winged liner or various designs. I’ve even used them to paint on designs as if they were actual paint brushes. They come as a straight brush also come as angled brushes. I prefer the straight one but use the angled as well. It is just a matter of what you like.

Straight & Angled Gel Liner Brushes

Another eyeliner the angled eyeliner brush, different than the angled gel liner brush as the bristles are angled not the brush handle. These brushes are flat with an angled edge and are great for creating winged looks. Also good for smudging, getting a thinner to thick line and a cat eye look.

Angled Eyeliner Brush

These brushes are simple and to the point. They’re also quite useful. There is the type that looks like a mascara brush and there are the combs. The mascara looking spiral brush is great for separating lashes before putting on mascara. The comb is good for after mascara is on. If there are lashes stuck together or clumps of any kind, carefully and gently comb through the lashes to loosen and separate. This will also remove any clumping. On the other side of the comb is a brush that looks much like a tooth brush. This is for combing eyebrows. Even sparse eyebrows like mine for example can benefit from a combing. These are so useful I go through them quickly.

Lash and Brow Brushes.

Blooming Brush

The blooming brush is an angled loose natural bristle brush. It’s best used for powder. You can do a few different things with the blooming brush. You can do powder liner, smudging and if you want to shade your brows with shadow instead of pencil this brush is a good option.

Close up of a small blooming brush

Concealer Brushes

The concealer brushes are the tiny flat ones. There are also concealer brushes that are just a little bigger and thicker. They remind me of the eyeshadow smudging brushes. These cover more area and are good for under eye circles. Due to their plushy texture they give an airbrushed look. The tiny flat concealer brushes are very small and are good for the tiny details like covering just a few blemishes, reaching the corners you may miss with the larger brush and even hitting the creases and corners by your nose with either concealer or foundation. Those details make all the difference.

Concealer brushes

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