Makeup trends from the 1920s to today — 100 years of makeup. The 1960s

The 60’s had a lot going on from the early 60’s and the transition from the 50’s to the Mod looks to the free living looks of the Flower generation. Some of the big trends were big false lashes or mascara top and bottom lashes were done heavy and most times actually drawn on with eyeliner. Big black cat eyeliner and blue, grey and white shadows were the shadows of that time. Little blush was used and when it was used it was very light.

Eyebrows had more range from thin to fairly thick. Eyebrow pencils were used to define shape no matter what the thickness was.

Aretha Franklin with perfectly groomed eyebrows and perfectly groomed hair

Face makeup was used in foundation and face powder form. Usually liquid foundation, sometimes cream. In the early part of the 60’s heavy foundation and powder was very popular, however the later part of the 60s was all about sheer natural looking face makeup. In some cases no makeup at all. Another thing that became popular were face and lip slickers. These were designed to give the skin and lips a dewy shiny appearance sometimes with tinges of highlight. Today we wear makeup like these and they’re known as hi lighters and we use them differently. Our hi lighters come in loose and pressed powder, liquid and stick forms and rather than using them to give us dewey natural shine we use them for all kinds of interesting effects. Women wear them on the cheekbones, forehead, nose and even eyelids and they even get used for contouring. It all depends on what effect they’re looking for.

Yardley of London Ad from 1967

Back to the 60’s though. Twiggy was one of the 1960’s prominent fashion icons. Her looks were influential and had alot to do with some of the most popular styles including the drawn on bottom lashes. London fashion, the music and the shows that came along included the Mod look. Focused on black and white people wearing this look often would wear white shadow, black liner and or crease, meticulous hair all perfectly placed and neat. Certain movies and shows really relay these looks. In 1964 The Beatles came to America. Along with them Came Beatles wives and Beatles wife fashion.

Patty Boyd with George Harrison and Ringo Starr -all sporting that loose flowing hair of the later 60s

The Prisoner is another perfect example of makeup unique to the 60s. The makeup women wore in this show is a perfect but exaggerated version of the makeup worn during the time. I always love to watch the show and always marvel at the perfect liner and crazy huge cat eye looks they wore. Yardley of London was a very popular line of makeup and skin care during this time. Although not new it rose to all new popularity. At the other end of the spectrum was the free natural look and flower children and hippies. They wore almost no makeup at all. They painted flowers on their faces which I suppose was their makeup and very cute. It was all about minimal look and being free spirited, not tied to the mirror and makeup. To be honest they probably also had the best skin. Using natural products that were earth friendly meant they were also skin and hair friendly. This explains the perfect skin in all my Mom’s old pics.

Twiggy and her iconic lashes

Hairstyle was another thing entirely from pixie cuts to long loose hair to neat and tidy geometrical mod cuts. Big roller hair sprayed into place, women who wanted stick straight hair ironed their hair and it wasn’t like today where you can buy a hair iron. They also didn’t have the protective serums we have now. My guess is this is where the pixie cut came from. But that’s just my guess. I’m probably

Mia Farrow and her famous pixie cut

The 60s was a particularly extensive decade as far as fashion and makeup goes and these was so much going on I barely scratched the surface. I may do a part 2 for this depending on how much you all enjoy this one and how much more information I come across. Leave me a comment if you’d like more from the 60s before I venture into the 70s.

Next time will be talking about the 70s and the looks of their time.


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