Makeup Brushes – tools of the trade. What is this brush for? -Part 3 Eye Brushes

Small blending brush is good brush for the things you apply before applying eyeshadow. If you want to apply foundation, concealer or primer this will help you get a smooth even application of these to make a good base for your eyeshadows. I highly recommend using a light foundation and a good primer. I have noticed although I do use concealer mostly for my instagram photos if I don’t use it primer is thick and opaque enough to work as a concealer. It’s also more sticky than regular foundations and concealers so it helps the color stay put. But I digress. This brush is the one to do all this with.

Small blending brush

Fluffy blending brush is excellent for doing soft blend of color. I recently did a rainbow look and it had an air brush look to it. This brush will help achieve this look. I’ve had people ask about blending technique. They say they can’t make it work. I always say with the correct brush you’ll have a much better time even if you’re new at it. Also make sure you get quality brushes. This is one place you shouldn’t skimp. A cheap plastic bristle will completely botch the application and cause more fallout.

Fluffy blending brush

Crease eyeshadow brush is for making that dark definition in the crease part of your eyelid. I find that small brushes are better so I have used this brush for more than the crease. I sometimes also use it to add tiny amounts of color in small spots or to fill in spots where the color may not have taken.

Crease shadow brush

Script liner brush and super thin liner brush Script liner is like a thin pain brush and can be used to either do thin eyeliner or to literally draw on your eye any kind of design. This brush is rather long and for beginners it may be harder to gain control of your makeup with this one. I’d suggest the shorter super thin liner brush. Now I know I covered this brush in my last brush article but felt it needed mentioning since it’s an option if the longer brush is too messy. You can achieve similar effect or the same if you get good practice as you get with the longer one. Personally I prefer the short one. It will entirely depend on your preference and how you feel working with each one.

Script liner and Super thin liner brushes

Angled Eyeliner brush is also used to create winged eyeliner. The idea is to draw the brush across your lid at an angle the flicking the brush up to create the wing. This also takes a bit of practice but if you get it down you can get a killer cat eye with it.

Angled eyeliner brush

Precision brush is interesting because it has many uses. It’s good for eyeshadow and liner details, adding concealer and primer, and also can be used to apply lipstick. I know I know I said this was eye make up brush day but this is technically and eye make up brush. I just happens to be very versatile.

Precision brush

Smudge brushes are really best at applying concentrated amounts of shadows across your lid. Technically they are meant for smudging the shadow to make looks such as smokey eye. They are great though for the other techniques too. If you dab the brush into your shadow then pat not swipe onto your lid it will apply the shadow in deep concentrated colors. You can them blend the colors with a blending brush.

Smudge brush

Pencil brush is just as it’s name suggests like a pencil. You can use it to blend the small areas like thinner lines or to create sharper lines as well. I sometimes use it to fill in the larger wing when doing double winged looks.

Pencil brush

Flat blending brush these flat brushes although a blend and shader are also good to apply the 1st shade of shadow to the larger part of your lid. It’s shape allows you to fill more area at one time then you can use it to go over the area to smooth and blend the color. I basically use this for a few things. I use it to apply foundation to the larger areas of my eye as well as finishing powder when I’m not wearing shadow. This helps me keep my eyelids from getting oily and keeps the skin tone even. I may not be wearing eyeshadow but it doesn’t mean I want my eyelids to look uneven and shiny.

Flat blending brush

The other thing you should remember is that although brushes have specified purposes you can be creative with them. You can do what suits you best. Sometimes I need to something very specific and will use a brush for it that wasn’t meant for that. if it works why not.

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