And what do I put on 1st….?

The Proper order to apply make is an age old debate among people who have their own theories and ideas of what works and ultimately the best idea is what works best for you. However when looking at the big picture there is a reason for the order being as it is and I’m going to talk about that here.

Moisturizer or Primer

If you wear moisturizer under your makeup that should come first. I don’t because it’s a layer I don’t need and I feel that it changes the way the makeup goes on my face. I like to use primer first. I use matte primers and like the way it looks by itself as well. When it’s hot out that is usually as far as I go. In the cooler months when it’s fit to play with wearing layers and trying contours primer is just the base of the picture.

A good moisturizer is good at anytime makeup or not

Color Corrector

If you use these they are actually next before foundation or concealer. So you dot small amounts where you need the correction and then let it dry for a minute. It actually dries fairly quick so that won’t be an issue. If you don’t use this step go to the concealer next.

Color Correcting Primers


I feel like I’m writing a create your own adventure book. If you use this goto the next step if not skip to step 4. But it fits. Anyway back to concealer, put this on under your eyes after the color corrector. Blend good with a blending sponge. This will help smooth the finish and get it ready for the foundation.

A good concealer can cover almost anything

Foundation Next

If you wear foundation this will be the next step. Not blush not eyeshadow or eyeliner. Think of it this way, if you were painting on canvas you don’t paint the trees and leaves first then add the sky in the background. When you think about it it makes sense too because if you put on the eyeshadow first because you’re afraid fallout will ruin your base the the shadow won’t go on as well also you’ll find yourself putting on foundation around a detailed eye and you won’t get an perfectly even skin on your face. I have had people ask how I get my shadows to stay on so long without it budging and creasing. This is part of it.

A good foundation will make a perfect surface to apply the rest of your makeup


I have no eyebrows so it’s absolutely necessary to do them next. It’s back to that painting again. You don’t color it in before doing the outline. Outline first the color in the details. If you already have eyebrows you’ll want to shape them to you preferred style so either way they should be next. The eyebrows frame your whole face and putting makeup after doing your eyebrows will give you point of reference on where the rest of your makeup will go.

A good eye brow shape no matter thick or thin will frame your whole face

Eye Makeup

Now this is a list within the list because the eyes alone have a proper order on a smaller scale. It sounds like so much more trouble than it really is but stay with me here because it will be worth it. Now that it’s time to do your eyes if you want your shadow to stay put you should put a bit of primer. If you wear liner and I suggest that you do if you wear false lashes like I often do. They’re just too much fun not to wear. Even if you use mascara though you’ll want to line your lid with whatever style of liner you do before adding your shadow. Once you’ve lined your lid you can add eyeshadow to your hearts content. How you do your actual shadow will depend on your individual style so I won’t go to deep into that. (If anyone wants more details on this please leave me comments. I’m happy to write articles to answer questions for people.) Once you have your shadow done and your liner is in place you want to line your bottom lid

Once your foundation is done you have the perfect surface to be creative and make your eyes into art


If you wear blush and highlighter this is the time to add it. Highlighter is very versatile and can honestly in my opinion be added at multiple time throughout your makeup routine but add your blush and the reason you should wait until this point to add it is because doing it before the other makeup is added can result in wrong or wonky blush, too much or just the wrong shade for your look.

Your blush can contour your face and add a touch of color to give a healthy glow

Finishing Powder

If you like to add the extra layer of finishing powder like I do now is the time before you put on your finishing touches. Use your huge fluffy brush and just add a little not too much.

Finishing powder and a nice big fluffy brush will set your makeup and give you some lasting power


Lashes are fun. Mascara, false lashes, lash extensions there are so many options. Then when you pick an option that opens up more options. The possibilities are endless. I like mascara but also love to use magnetic lashes. The thing with magnetics is I use the one with the liner as the sandwich type proved to be beyond difficult and more trouble than they are worth. If you’re using the magnetics with the magic liner then you’ll need to add more liner simply because it’s magnetic and we can’t be covering it up with other makeup. If you’re using mascara then you can just put that on.

Lashes can be as subtle or dramatic as you want. Have fun with it.

Setting Spray

I love a good setting spray. if you use them this is when you should ad it. Before lashes are done. if I say so my self I learned to not forget the spray because I have sprayed it on after lashes and it just stickies up the lashes. Finishing sprays really help keep makeup in place. There are different finishes too. dewey, matte, shimmer. I like matte and something I have noticed is that mattes as a rule have the best staying power regardless if it’s lipstick, eyeshadow or face makeup. Everyone loves a good gloss but by nature glosses and shimmers just don’t last as long. Spray your setting spray on and remember not too close to your face. You just want a nice misting not to soak your face.

A good setting spray will keep your makeup in place all night

Lipstick and Liner

This is the finishing touch here. Your lipstick. It will change your look depending on the color you choose but it’s the last thing you should put on. Line your lips first so the lipstick stays in the lines and will bleed less. (A little tip I have been using pretty much my whole life is to fill in the lip lightly with the pencil before applying the lipstick.) it helps you to get a more even application and will help it to stay longer. Same with what I said above though mattes will by nature last much longer.

Lipstick can be so much fun. Possibilities are endless

Something to remember:

This is the way I learned to do makeup in my school. What you do with these steps and the in between steps is upto you. The steps mentioned in this article were what I learned but in the end it’s entirely up to you what you do. Different things work for different people. So where I may prefer mattes you may prefer shimmer or dewey finish or a gloss. Just because I don’t use a moisturizer under my primer doesn’t mean you don’t have to if it works better for you please do it. This goes for everything you do. These steps however are a good guideline especially for beginners who don’t know where to start. Try these steps and see if they workout for you.

Makeup is an art form. Be creative, but most of all have fun with it.

Please comment

I’d really love to hear from you you and hear your opinion. What works best for you? How do you like to put on your makeup? What do you think of this order does it work for you or did you already know this. Lets discuss in the comments.


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