Born and raised in New York City, I have been into makeup my whole life. I went to beauty school in high school and couldn’t finish due to a technicality. Then spent some years as a dancer. After that I got into the computer industry. I ended up loving it. I kept up with the makeup, just not on a business level. What a combination. Who would have thought the two would work together eventually landing me here.

“Perfection itself is inperfection” -Vladamir Horowitz

I remember being a kid and wanting nothing more than to play with mom’s makeup. It seemed serious and an important skill. Even back then. I had women all around me that loved wearing makeup and wouldn’t even leave the house without it. They taught me the importance of taking care of yourself for you. Not for the corner grocer, not for the person you may run into at the bus stop. You. After all the most important thing is not what everyone else thinks of you. It’s what you think of yourself. Don’t be selfish or conceited. Just be confident. Be you.