BB Creams, CC Creams, Foundations & Tinted Moisturizers. What’s the difference?

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had that moment when we’re standing in the makeup section looking for a new face makeup. While trying to decide what to get when we see that huge selection of all different types of face makeup. It can get confusing and become frustrating. So what is the difference between these products? Let’s take a look.

BB Cream

BB Cream also know as Blemish Balm, BB Cream lightens & evens skin tone. It’s lighter than traditional foundation and offers a bit more coverage than tinted moisturizer. It’s main purpose is to use for acne prone skin and also various other blemishes. BB Cream has properties in it that help not only cover these problem areas but it helps to soothe them. The down side to BB Cream is that it only comes in a small selection of shades. Leaving the rest of us looking all wrong. BB Cream is best used on oily skin but is actually good for all skin types. If you have dry skin make sure to get a BB Cream with the right oils and moisture levels for your skin type. The correct formula can be very beneficial to your skin.

BB & CC Creams typically comes in tubes such as the one pictured here.

CC Cream

CC Cream CC Cream also known as Color Correcting Cream is good for skin that has alot of redness on it. Blemishes, blotches or any other redness. It’s made to even them out. CC Cream also usually has properties that help calm the inflammations that come with common conditions that cause the redness. Being slightly thicker than BB Cream but still light enough to be used as a primer. You can dot a bit of regular foundation on top and it will give full coverage since the CC Cream itself is not a full coverage product. Same a BB Cream the down side is that these also only come in a small variety of shades which might not be suitable for everyone.

Traditional Foundation

Traditional Foundation – Traditional foundations are the most flexible of these and have more varieties in coverage from sheer and light dewey coverages to full matte coverage and everything in between it has more variety in both colors and finishes than the BB and CC creams. Foundations also comes in a variety of ways to use it such as bottles, tubes and compact for cream to powder varieties. When you get the right formula for your skin type and match with a good finishing powder you’ll get a great flawless canvas for your makeup to go on. I’d recommend using a full coverage matte formula which works for most skin types. I have combination skin leaning towards the dry side and this combination gives a perfect air brush and all day finish. All day stay formulas are really good too but if your skin is too dry they’ll be a bit more difficult to work with. if you have really dry skin I recommend using a formula that has a cream or dewey finish. If your preference is matte you can still get that with a good finishing powder. Another recommendation is to apply using a good foundation brush rather than your fingers and sponge. if you use the compact formula as I like to they come with a sponge which is ok if you want a heavier application of the product. You’ll get a more even and light application with a large flat top foundation brush. You can then use a small sponge not to apply but to smooth if you feel it needs further smoothing. I find using my fingers actually works best.

Flat top foundation brush and cream to powder foundation compact.

Tinted moisturizers

Tinted Moisturizers Tinted Moisturizers are the thinnest of the base face makeups tinted moisturizer is so light in fact that it really doesn’t offer any coverage. It will help even skin tone in fact it blurs minor imperfections such as pores and tiny lines. If you have larger blemishes or red patches you want to cover then tinted moisturizer may not be what you’re looking for. It’s good for dry skin and also good in the summer when you want to have some color and a nice smooth base for your makeup but not anything super heavy . Just look at it this way, tinted moisturizer is for your face what tinted lip balm is for your lips.