Brows are important. They frame your whole face. Some of us have to ad them for various reasons. Mine got thinner very thin. Some people even think I shaved them off but I never even tried that once. That thought didn’t even occur to me until someone brought it up. Having very sparse eyebrows has it’s drawback and it’s benefits. The benefits being that I can draw them any size and shape I want that day and depending on trends. I can change to color. Most people with eyebrows can change their color too but if you have darker brows and want to go light you can’t. With nothing much there you can go light. There are very many ways to achieve baeutiful perfect eyebrows from eyeliner pens and pencils to microblading and tattoos. I’ve tried so many ways of doing of drawing on the perfect indelible eye brow I can probably wrote an entire book on the topic. I’ll start here instead.

Eyebrow Pencils

Lets start with eyebrow pencils. Pencils are the most basic and easy to use. There are the traditional wood pencils and the newer crayon micro pencils. The plus side to a traditional wood pencil is that you can sharpen it pointy to get a precise line then let it dull to fill the line in smooth and not jagged. Pencil is generally soft and when it’s not soft it makes it very difficult to draw those perfect brows. One of my many hard lessons you hear me talking about and there are many. The soft nature of a good pencil allows you to use a qtip to fix mistakes with ease and get them perfectly shaped and even. Oh those even brows. Some days they work some days not so much and some days I feel like I just look out right insane. The downside of these pencils are since they do smudge and I know I made the same point in the eyeliner section but they do smudge. Really there’s nothing quite as embarrassing as having a momentary loss of sanity and scratching that itchy eyebrow only to leave yourself with a huge smudge right up your forehead. I dare anyone to tell you rather than just give you funny looks as you walk confidently down the street only to glimpse at your reflection and have your whole world shatter in embarrassment. The crayon micro pencils are very different. They’re also soft. Well most of them are same as the traditional ones. They have a plastic pen shaped casing with a very thin stick of crayon inside. Turn the top like a mechanical pencil and out comes the crayon but tiny turns at a time or you’ll risk pushing out too much and breaking it. Now as much as I like my precision I do happen to really like these. I tried the Realher definer brow pencil in taupe and it was the best one so far. I also tried NYX professional micro brow pencil in auburn. NYX is usually good but their microbrow pencil was a bit hard and this makes it tough to put then make up on. Urban Decay Brow Beater waterproof brow pencil is also good and instead of having a regular rounded crayon inside it’s flat and the tip is angled. It allows you to get more of a square shape to the inner part of your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Pens

Eyebrow pens are pretty cool. I remember one time hearing a story on the radio about a Glam 80’s rock band and what they did that was so crazy it literally landed one of the members in the hospital with an eye infection. They used sharpie for eyeliner and eyebrows. All I could think was kind of a good idea and they should make pens like that with makeup in them instead of ink. I was just a kid so no eyeliner empire for me today. Someone else must have also heard that story, had the same thought and ran with it because now they do have them. They are as awesome as I imagined they’d be. They are very similar to the eyeliner pens but the ink isn’t as heavy. If you have a good one they go on light and dry fast. If you have a bad one by the 4th or 5th hour of an active day they flake and crumble. Pretty messy. Especially if you actually do still have your eyebrows. I tried these 7 day eyebrow tattoo pens by Monomola and they were nice to start. They drew on smooth and sheer so they didn’t give me this heavy look. After a few hours they started to flake and chip off like dry paint. So disappointing. They weren’t terribly expensive so I didn’t feel like it was any great loss. Elf makes a good one that goes on nice and stays all day. Milani also makes a good one, I used theirs in Espresso. Milani has a really good line of makeup and they are a drugstore brand so they have great pricing. Urban Decay makes an excellent 2 sided pen with a crayon pencil on the other side. The Brow Blade I use brown sugar. They stay on, don’t flake or chip and draw on nice. As everything Urban Decay they are tops. Anastasia Beverly Hills also makes a good one. I like the felt pen style with the regular tip but most of the pens now have a microblading tip so you can mimic a microbladed look. I still end up just filling in my brows because I feel that as someone who is not a microblade expert I don’t have the make it look real skill down and it just looks drawn anyway. For that I’d rather have a solid line than a jagged one. if you’re good with the microblade tip though there are many options in all price ranges. it’s always nice when there’s something for everyone.

Eyebrow Tints

Eyebrow tints come in a few forms. One of the forms I found odd was the lip gloss style and wand with a flimsy brush that is kind of rounded. Why did I find it odd? Well shaping a precise perfect eyebrow with a rounded brush covered in a thickish paint isn’t all that ideal. Actually it isn’t ideal at all. It certainly didn’t allow for a precise angle or thin edge. What it did allow for was a one stroke start. I’d start with a basic stroke , draw the shape around it with the pen then fill it in with the stain. The brand I tried was Wunderbrow in taupe. I wasn’t so hot on these. Some tints come in pens like the basic pens but the product is slightly different. A good eyebrow tint is Revlon ColorStay brow tint in 700 taupe. I love the style brush they gave it. It’s much like a felt tip pen but it’s designed to be a brush. The package looks like a pen at first sight but it unscrews and it’s a dipper like liquid liner. It’s a little thick and creamy and goes one so nice. This style brush gives you all the control. It stays on, the color is nice and it’s water proof. The Revlon ColorStay line has not disappointed me yet.

I’m wearing Revlon ColorStay brow tint in 700 taupe.


Pomades are not for everyone. They can be good but most of what you think of it will actually depend on the brush you use, how thick your brows are and how much time you’re willing to spend. Generally they will come with a brush but it’s not usually the best brush. I use a brush from my eyes brush set. I use a winged liner brush and a small flat angled brush. Using your own brush allows you to use what works best for you and what you feel more comfortable with. It also allows you to use a better quality brush leading to better results. Now to the pomades and pots. I’ve tried many pomade and pots because before I discovered the tint pens I was looking for something water proof that didn’t budge. KVD Vegan Beauty has a great one. They have a great line of makeup. I have liked everything I tried from them. It’s waterproof, you can use a fairly small amount and it has good staying power. No flakes, no chips. Bonus: they have cool colors like pink. Milani has a good one. NYX also has a good one. The NYX was the slightest bit thinner. It may be that I used black and Milani I used a blonde. I change my eyebrow color as often as my hair color and even more so with the look I’m doing. The difference in consistency isn’t anything to worry about. It just glides on a little easier. Milani’s didn’t glide so much. I did more of a dab and then guided it along with the brush. Anastasia Beverly Hills also makes a good pomade. These are all waterproof and don’t budge.

Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow Gel is a new concept to me so I have not completely delved into this world as yet. I received my first package of brow gel in my Boxy Charm September box. Since I have very little in the way of eyebrows I’m trying to figure out my angle on this one. I do always find a use for things so I will figure it out and will update when I do. What I know about these is it is a gel that comes in a small tube much like mascara little brush included. That brush is just like a small mascara brush too. They come in the basic eyebrow colors – black, taupe, brown, auburn and blonde. I have black because I change my colors in the Boxy Charm setting from time to time to widen the range of what I get. I change my colors often as well so this benefits me. Brow gel is basically used to make neaten up your brows and this is especially good for those with thick unruly brows. It is kind of like a hair gel for the brows so it helps you shape them and keep any stray hairs in place. The one that was sent to me is Milk Makeup Kush Fibre Brow Gel. From what I have read in reviews this is a good one.