Eyeliners My favorite part of eye makeup

Felt pen

The felt pen eyeliner is an amazing invention. Some of the ones I use have a little star stamper on the other end. That’s how I get the star on my cheek. The pen allows you to draw like you would on paper and to me it feels like it has the most control. It also has amazing staying power. KVD Vegan Beauty has one of the best ones I have tried. it’s waterproof, smudge proof and they even make a little size one to carry with you when you travel. I have tried a few brands of these. interestingly enough the ones I get with the stamp on the other end come from the Wish app. I have gotten some great makeup from them. These stamp ones are really good. They last long, they go on nice and they dry to a waterproof line that does not budge. There really is no downside. Just the wait. Ordering from Wish you have to know is a 3 week wait for things to come, sometimes longer. it’s usually worth the wait. You have to becareful with pens because if you get ones that are cheaper they skip and give a jagged line and they run out fast. Sometimes they smudge and never really dry. I recently tried the Elf one. Elf being the least expensive of the brands. Now they have a few. They have a thick liner pen, the Intense Ink Liner Pen. it is pretty good but ran out fast. They also have the thinner one that isn’t as good. It’s staying power is minimal and smudges very easily. It’s the basic liner pen so if you want to go with Elf go for the thick Intense Ink Liner. Jordana also makes a good pen Fabuliner Pen. I know these are drug store brands but they are pretty good and if they are good isn’t that what’s important? Jordana’s pen lasted a decent time and was fairly inexpensive. I also tried the liner pen Hard Candy has. Stroke of Gorgeous 12 hour eyeliner pen. It lasted me a long time. It’s another go on nice stays on pen that doesn’t come off until you wipe it off with makeup remover. Doucce Fierce & Fine graphic pen also notes mentioning. I could write all day about the best eyeliner pens since they’re my favorite type of liner.


Liquid liners are interesting. They are actually what I started with when I started wearing all my cat eye liner styles. They can be fun and have been around for a long time but they do have less control. It depends on the brand becauase some brands have a slightly longer brush and those are the harder to control ones. Some of the High end brands have a slightly shorter firmer brush and it gives way more control. I recently got the Huda Beauty double ended liquid liner with a pencil on the other side. Now I have to say as nice and thick as the liquid is and goes on like no ther liquid liner I have used. And as much as we all like the “Life Proof” concept part of life is at the end of the day we remove our makeup. Well not with this one. It was so hard to remove I acrtually irritated my lids wiping it off. I think their intentions were great but what do they say about good intentions? Yeah you got that right. In a perfect world it comes off with ease but in a hellish world and in reality it doesn’t. This made the experiance very unpleasant. I actually started to question my makeup remover. I thought since I picked up an alternate brand they weren’t as good. Nope it’s just that this liner has the most amazing staying power I think in this whole wide world. Which is good and bad. The pencil on the otherside is the same, as far as being hard to remove. Not as much as the liquid but then pencils aren’t usually all day. They have a different purpose.

Gel pot

Gel pots. These are fun. I love to just paint my eye lid with one single color when I’ll be out all day and do a huge cat eye. I know it sounds awful but I swear it looks great, says all the compliments I get when I do it. MAC makes my favorite gel pot. The eyeliner is the Long Wear Fluid Line pots and they are the smoothest while still being nice and thick but not too dry. They will dry out though so don’t leave them open. I learn another hard lesson. They also have the Long Wear Paint Pots. I know they sound the same. They aren’t. These are technically not eye liner they are eye shadow but since we’re talking paint pots I wanted to mention them. Besides, they can be used as eyeliner. using the thin liner brush with them can create all kinds of creative looks. They used to come in all different colors. I had this nice turquiose and a deep metallic purple but lately I can only find the nudes and naturals. Now In the drugstore brand category Elf actually makes a pretty good gel pot. It’s a little thinner than the MAC but almost as good. It doesn’t dry quite as fast so you want to make sure you let it dry completely before applying your next bit of makeup on your eyes.

I’m wearing MAC Fluid Line Gel Eyeliner in Soft Flat Black


Pencils are in a league of their own. They have a different purpose. Sure you can cat eye with them but most pencils are very soft and when they aren’t soft they are too hard to get a steady, smooth line. Pencils are great for smokey eye looks because You can smudge them all you want. They don’t dry or set because they were never wet. This of course is also the downfall of the pencil because they don’t dry and they can smudge and smear as much as you don’t want them to.