Makeup trends from the 1920s to today — 100 years of makeup. The 1970s

70’s Hair & Makeup Trends

Yes I finally got the 70’s out to you all. What an exciting time for fashion. I talk more about hair & clothing in this one that I did in past decades but the styles were just too fun not to talk about. Enjoy!

Makeup trends in the 1970’s were somewhat complex. There was a combination of Women who loved to get all dolled up for a night out and there were the naturals who felt you shouldn’t need makeup to be a beauty. I’ll be talking about the former.

Makeup in the 70’s was vibrant and fierce yet soft at the same time. sounds impossible but it’s possible and the ladies of the 1970s did it with style.

From Glowing radiant skin to light fluffy feathery hair there was a variety of styles.

Disco Glam

Disco Glam was a fun popular style worn when the night club scene became the home of Disco.

Clothes and makeup were as shiny and flashy as the disco balls hanging from the night club ceilings.

Icons like Farrah Faucet, Donna Summer & Cher set some of these looks.

Disco Queen Donna Summer

Makeup matched the shiny clothing, eyeshadows were deep colored, metallic, shiny and shimmery. Blues were very popular especially the deep metallic aquas. Red lipsticks were worn shiny, the glossier the better. Blush was worn instead of on the apples of the cheeks up the hallows to the temples. Some wore it less severe but it all depended on what look one was achieving.

Hair had a few styles women wore for a fun night out dancing. The one that stands out in most people’s minds was the shoulder length fluffy side flipped hair worn by people such as Farrah Faucet. Some wore bobbed hair cuts known as the “PageBoy”. One of the most famous pageboys was worn by Olympic world champion Dorothy Hamill.

1976 World Champion Dorothy Hamill wearing a Page Boy Haircut

There were the long hair styles worn parted down the middle and ironed stick straight such as Cher who is iconic to this day with her epic styles. Another look was blunt bangs which are still pretty popular. Margot Kidder wore this look and she wore it well.

Margot Kidder wearing blunt bangs

The Natural

With just a light coat of mascara and some sun kissed cheeks the natural look of no makeup makeup was another way to go in the 70s. Lips were lightly glossed with more natural shades. Neutrals, sheer pinks and even some coral for the brave. Yes that’s right coral was one of the most popular shade of lipstick.

Elizabeth Arden Ad featuring Coral Lipstick

A more natural looking hair style known as the shag could be from neck to just below shoulders, but occasionally worn on longer hair too, it was layered and tousled. The slightly messy, fun look gave a carefree but stylish look. The shag was usually worn with bangs but from time to time longer side swept or center parted grown out bangs would be worn. The shag really was a fun and easy to maintain style. It was also very versatile in many ways and was flattering to most who wore it.

Shag Cut & natural Looking Makeup

Casual Clothing was fun and comfy. Fitted tees and screen prints tees with some funnies printed or band tees, peasant & tunics tops were very popular. The pants were bell bottoms weather they were those colored poly cotton slack or denim jeans. They had a very high waist cut and were worn with platforms. This look would later come back in the 90’s.

Cher in casual 70s clothing

Candies made the scene in the 70s. These cute shoes had many different styles but were also very distinct. If you saw a pair of Candies you knew it. They were usually backless slides and has a semi chunky heel and thinner platform sole. Across the top was colorful leather or suede with designs usually cut out. They came is all kinds of designs. My mom had lots of these shoes and if I was old enough I would have too.

Candies Shoes

Being such a fun era for fashion and makeup it’s no surprise the 70s styles came back.

70s icon Farrah Faucet

Join me next time when we dig into the 80s. Another era so fun it came back and people are loving it.