Skin Care the bare facts about the bare skin

The fact is our skin needs love too. Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies and it’s right out there in the elements. With that being said Our skin takes quite a beating on a daily basis. from the weather to the pollution none of it has a very good effect on us. While many pay good attention to their faces not everyone remembers to take equal care of their body skin. With a good regimen you can take years off of your appearance from head to toe. Have you noticed a great deal of people looking younger than they are these days? It’s mostly attributed to a good skin care regimen. Some genetics too but with the right skin care routine anyone can have the young appearance they want. I have tried many different products to keep my face nice and young looking too. I have also tried many body washes and skin lotions. I love trying new things when it comes to skin care. Washes, masks, peels, exfoliants and moisturizers. I’m more likely to use these in the winter when my skin gets so dry that it itches and does the lizard skin thing. My manicurist once yelled at me to use a moisturizer because my hands were so rough. I said I do. Cold weather and hot water are both very drying for the skin, yet for most of us it’s the thing that we do. We go out in the cold we come home and take a super hot shower. At least that’s what I do. It’s not the best thing to do but those hot showers feel soothing. Water is the best thing for the skin. Drink lots and stay hydrated. It’s the most important part of good skin, hair, and nails.

Face & Body Washes

I have probably tried almost body wash known to man. Drug store brands, high end brands. I won’t bore you with them all. What I will do is talk about the ones that left a lasting impression on me. The most recent one being Ten Thousand Waves Hinoki Shower Gel. I was gifted a set for Christmas that included this along with some other amazing items from the same line. I have to say that winter was the first winter in my entire adult life that I didn’t endure itchy, dry, flaky skin. I love the smell too. They have a whole amazing line of skin care. Scrubs, body lotions and they even have shampoo and conditioner. Bath and Body Works are always a great goto with their ever evolving selection of scents. The only thing is when they discontinue a favorite, it can be difficult to find a good replacement. As far as how they work though they do a good job of keeping my dry skin pretty happy. Another good body wash is from The Body Shop. Their Satsuma Shower Gel and their Tea Tree Shower Gel are both great, they smell good and one pump gives you a whole body worth of suds. Neutrogena Grapefruit Body wash is really nice. I love grapefruit. They are refreshing and tasty. The body wash is also refreshing. Neutrogena always has my skin covered regardless of what is happening. Dry skin, breakouts, oily patches they have it covered. For the face I recently discovered Purlisse. A complete body and face care company that I’m enjoying a great deal. Blue Lotus 4 n 1 Cleansing Milk is interesting because it has somewhat of healing qualities as well as cleansing qualities. It has all natural ingredients and anti-inflammatory, if you don’t like using makeup removers it’s a good cleanser for removing your makeup and it leaves you refreshed and relaxed. It’s a great pamper for the end of the week. Another good face wash is Kylie Skin Foaming face Wash. This one is nice for everyday and is very light. I also like the fact that it’s not heavily perfumed. It left my skin nice and soft and wasn’t harsh.

Scrubs and Exfoliators

I love scrubs and exfoliators. They bring new life to our faces and remove the dead skin making the skin brighter and softer. One I really like is Kate Sommerville Exfolikate. It’s a plant based scrub that has all natural ingredients. it tingles while it works and you don’t have to leave it on for too long. In fact you probably should not leave it past the 2 minutes they suggest on the package. It’s a real pamper. You should also note that you don’t use it everyday. It’s a once a week thing. I made it my Friday begin the weekend when I get home ritual. Another good one is First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser. it doesn’t tingle and you don’t leave it on. It’s also good for daily use. It has pumice buffing to exfoliate which are a bit more course than in the Exfolikate. It also has glycolic acid which is good for anti aging. It smooths up and hydrates the skin. Becareful if you like to go out in the sun with these types of products. It’s noted right on the label that skin can become sensitive to the sun. Another excellent exfoliating scrub is Ten Thousand Waves Salt Glow. This is probably one of the best ones I have tried. Their entire line of products is amazing. I use it in the shower but you can also use it on dry skin. Wet is probably better. I don’t recommend using this on your face, it is for the body. It’s too strong for sensitive face skin. It has natural oils in it and if your skin is dry then it’s going to show you a whole new quality of life.

Masks and Peels

Masks are another great way to pamper your face. You can mask your whole face or you can use eye masks. I’ll start with the mud mask. A good mask is GlamGlow Supermud Clearing treatment is nice. A little pricey but a good treat for yourself is worth it once in a while. It has salicylic acid in it which is good for break outs. It also has activated charcoal in it. The first time I read this I was surprised they use this in a face mask. You can spread it on and let it dry then wash it off. Some people like to rinse it off like a regular face wash. I like to use a warm wet wash cloth. It may get messy for the cloth with the mask on it but rinse it and continue until your face is nice and clear. It makes it look like I have the smoothest skin. It also feels nice. Another tip for keeping the pores closed and skin smooth is to astringe right after removing the mask. it’s a tip I learned back in beauty school and have been doing it ever since. I feels nice and refreshing and it works wonders. Clay masks are also great for the making skin look smooth and feel nice. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is a really good and inexpensive mask that does wonderful things for the skin. Same like the mud you spread it on your face and let it dry. Remove it with the warm damp cloth and astringe after. The clay masks are better for oily skin than the mud masks but the end result is similar and you’re left feeling refreshed and with near perfect skin. Now for the peels. Freeman Feeling beautiful facial peel off cucumber mask. I like this one. it’s not a big name item but it’s nice and easy to use. It feels like spreading honey on your face but once it dries it’s like a big sticker and it pulls off dead skin and black heads. make sure you let it completely dry. I once made the mistake of trying to peel the mask off too soon. It really makes thing messy and difficult. Also make sure you put on a thick enough layer not too thin but also not too thick because it will make it difficult to remove either way. Aveeno Clear Complexion Purely Matte Peel Off Mask is good too. This one has alpha-hydroxy acids in it. it is good for clearing pores. It will also give you the matte feel and look to your skin. All the masks mentioned above are good one or two times a week. Another interesting type of mask are eye masks. I tried Grace & Stella Anti Wrinkle & Energizing Under Eye Masks. I loved these. They seem weird when I first opened them. They were wet, cold, and jiggly and I was wondering how I was going to keep them from falling off my face. Once I put one under each eye they kind of stuck on their own and they felt so nice and cool. I used them on one of my Friday night pamper sessions. Right after the hot shower and some exfoliating I put them on and left them for 20 minutes. Then just peel them off. They smoothed my under eyes and also brought down the puffiness I had from being over tired. They come 12 pairs in a box and each pair is wrapped individually. This keeps them nice and fresh. CBD Product mask I was recently send samples from Hale Cosmeceuticals. I am adding the mask I tried because it was really good but I’ll probably do a separate section on CBD skin care. The mask I tried was the charcolate mask with charcoal and peloids . I put the mask on and at first it felt like I was slathering a thin black honey or motor oil on my face. That’s what it looked like. I wasn’t sure what to think. By the time it hardened and it’s think so it’s not hard like clay masks. It’s light like a thin coating. I rinsed off with cool water and my face felt so smooth. Definitely one to try.