Humidifiers not just for the common cold❄️

Today I am going to tell you a beauty secret you may or may not already know. It is especially helpful if you live in the cold North East like I do, the arid desserts of the West Coast or any dry climate between the two then you know all about dry skin woes. I have spent countless hours and money on trying to keep my skin moisturized between the winter air and the forced air heat in my apartment. The two worst enemies of anyone’s skin.

As some of you may or may not know I have a beauty focused page on Instagram. I do looks, review makeup and skin care and recently started to post video tutorials and reviews. The reason I mention this? Well recently I was contacted by a company called Everlasting Comfort | health & Wellness For Anybody. (I’ll post the link with the video for anyone who may be interested). They wanted to send me something for review. This is something that happens all the time with me. I have more palettes and liquid lipsticks than Sephora at this point. Not complaining that’s for sure. The odd thing about this particular time is that they are sent me a humidifier. Asked me to review it and mention their page and all that jazz. You know the deal. Being the one who won’t turn down a freebie I now had to figure out how I was going to spin this into a beauty talk for my followers. Then it hit me as I sat there itchy and wishing it was hot and humid summer, only for the lack of dry skin that winters bring. I’ll spin it into a facial. So I decided to look into this and see if it was a thing and sure enough it is a thing in Korea. Korean women have such amazing beautiful skin. I figured it was a combination of diet and because it’s always so humid there. They may not have to deal with dry skin. Then I read all about how every household has a humidifier. The way we have an oven in our kitchen they have a humidifier as part of their beauty routines. They didn’t give the details of what exactly was done. This is where I got creative. Now I’ll tell you how I did it and how it went.

I was looking to try sheet masks and review them. I never used a sheet mask before so I did the requisite research and learned about the different kind and the best way to use them. I ordered my sheet mask from Ulta beauty and waited patiently for my humidifier and masks to arrive. They got here super fast. I had them all in two days. I put everything together, made sure my new humidifier worked and got my little filming area set up.

Here’s how it went. I received my humidifier and did my Friday Night Pamper weekly post using it to rehydrate and moisturize my skin. It went well. The mist that comes out is nice and cool so this is going to be an amazing moisturizing routine for the summer months. I took it out of the package and unfolded it. Sheet masks are a bit wonky if you’re not used to them they seem a bit weird and slippery. That’s the stuff that does the trick. You have to unfold them while they’re stuck together with all that gel. I put on the sheet mask and let it sit for 15 minutes. Sometimes there’s extra gel in the packet. If there is don’t throw it away. Use it. You can put it on your neck.

During that time I held my face over the mist while the mask did it’s thing. Placing it on my face wasn’t hard but getting it to stay was tricky, they come with behind the ear loops so that helps, but when using a sheet mask you want to make sure that it’s smoothed down over your entire face with no lifting or bubbles. Often unavoidable there will be some kind of lift but smooth it back down so it can fully do what it’s supposed to. When holding your face over the steam do it in 1 minute increments for about 5 minutes. You can do longer but don’t need to. Once the 15 minutes are up remove your mask. You can do one more misting if you want, then pat your face dry. You’ll have a nice dewey rehydrated complexion. One thing I like to do once done is to add two drops of Byroe Tomato serum or another hydrating serum of your choice. Smooth that into your face and all set. You have a nice hydrated and bright complexion. I will post my video below. It’s also on my instagram feed. I do these skin care videos once a week. usually every Friday or Saturday.

How to moisturize with a sheet mask and a humidifier

If you’d like one of these humidifiers too follow the below link and use my code: LUNAKAT131 at check out

Will you try this? Did you try it? Let me know in the comments section. I’d love to hear your feed back.


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